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If you wish to make to the interior of your apartment something new, use a mosaic.

  Mosaic is an excellent material for decoration. The strength and moisture mosaic tiles you can use it in the bathroom and toilet. A nice living room ornament may be a mosaic floor made of glass or ceramic mosaic tiles, a fireplace decorated with a mosaic of normal can be a work of art. Do not forget about the children's room is a field of creativity infinitely..


мозаика   Mosaic is composed of small tiles. And there are different sizes - from 10x10 mm and larger. Colors - 150 colors! From such a mosaic might make excellent typesetting mosaic panels and paintings. Mosaic is a solid material. Known that the mosaic of dozens of times higher than the strength of cement and concrete. Mosaic is not lit and is an environmental material.

We create exclusive mosaic panels. Also mosaic carpeting, frieze, stretching, mixes. All your fantasies, we realize the mosaic ...!

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